Powerful Centralized Communication Management

CompliDox is a cloud based, data driven Loss Mitigation solution that replaces traditional Door Hangers and expensive a la carte communications with a professional document. Once logged into the CompliDox web portal, financial institutions can centrally manage all field service vendor Loss Mitigation outreach content, ensuring the same message is delivered regardless of the vendor selected. Wheather financial institutions have 1 vendor or 100's, a simple API integration into the vendor's technology platform allows for real time updating of all communications, while eliminating printing and distribution lead time.

Data Driven

All documents printed by the local contractors are generated on-the-fly based on the most up to date content in addition to displaying your full color logo of choice and custom content, your customers data such as their name and full address are printed on the document, eliminating handwritting and the possibility of the wrong information from being delivered.

Simplified Logistics

Document delivery is simplified on two levels. 1st, the same message will be delivered to your customers regardless of which field provider you select. 2nd, local vendors contracted by your field provider only have to batch print documents and then place each into an envelope. This prevents mistakes of delivering the wrong doorhanger or handwritting the wrong information.

100% Traceable

We provide Proof Of Service (POS) data that is not possible with doorhangers or a la carte form letters. We track and provide you data from printing through delivery to your customer, by combining data gathered from initial server requests through EXIF data collected from delivery verification photos.