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A powerful tool designed to empower Financial Institutions, Law Firms and Field Services Providers.

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Our solution replaces traditional door hangers with a data driven, professional document where you control the message.

Additionally, our unique management system allows you to target documents to specific geographic regions, even down to a specific zip code, to address the fracturing communication compliance requirements nation wide.

States, counties, and cities across the country are starting to required specific information to be conveyed during Loss Mitigation attempts, including specific mediation options and contact points, owner/occupant rights as well as GSE, SCRA and other regulatory requirements. This fractured nature of requirements makes traditional door hangers a non-viable option and a solution that puts you at risk of non-compliance, litigation, and financial loss.

The CompliDox data driven solution eliminates any possible mistake of delivering wrong or out dated information to your customer and violating their consumer's rights. This significantly reduces your risk, while ensuring both the best possible consumer experience and the highest level of in-field vendor network compliance.

CompliDox replaces old-fashioned Door Hangers

CompliDox for Law Firms

In a results oriented business, law firms need a powerful tool that improves their success in Loss Mitigation engagements. Instead of just cold calling, and mailing documents, CompliDox gives you the power to generate a targeted Compliant message that is hand delivered to the occupant. Additionally, the associated photos allows you to put eyes on the property to evaluate the asset so that better decisions can be made by your clients.

CompliDox for Field Service Providers

Door hangers are an outdated solution that was created decades ago and do not meet the needs of today's regulatory demands. They are generic and you have extremely limited control over the content and quality of the hand written message that is being delivered. Due to litigation, today many of your clients are requesting custom door hangers to be created and distributed for their organizations, which creates a logistical challenge for both your organization as well as for the local contractors. Additionally, occupants find generic door hangers questionable and regularly discard or ignore them without ever opening them or calling the enclosed phone number.

Implementing the CompliDox API into your web service and/or mobile application is a snap, allowing you to quickly deploy an automated service that provides both 100% custom content that is controlled by your clients. Digital distribution eliminates the need to worry about printing/shipping door hangers to your extensive contractor network.  Real time content updates help you realize additional savings because you will never need to re-printing/shipping new materials each time a client wants a "new version" or updated content.  Additionally, you eliminate excess costs from the waste of discarded door hangers that is the result of vendor turnover.

With defaults returning to historical averages, generating new revenue streams based on your already existing business processes is very important.  Easily expand your inspection portfolio offerings and increase revenues by providing new communication services tied to your existing inspection services.  The best part is that these new service offerings will not require any internal or contractor changes to deploy as they would fit seamlessly into your current door knock procedures.

Data is king in the world of compliance, process management, and vendor monitoring. With traditional door hangers there is no viable way of documenting door hanger communications, which exposes you and your clients to potential liability and non-compliance if the wrong information is provided. CompliDox utilizes a windowed envelope that displays the date the document was printed, the client document name and content version, as well as the full mortgagor name and asset address, while still protecting confidential information.

Captured real time data allows for the first time ever, the ability to 100% track the Loss Mitigation performance of your contractor network. From initial print date and time through delivery date. Examiners  and clinets can then audit this information with a high degree of confidence that your clients made good faith efforts to protect their customer and investors. This is invaluable to your clients and gives you an edge as a provider when you deploy CompliDox.

Our technology simplifies the process for your local contractors as well. No matter what document needs to be delivered, your contracts only have to follow the same easily repeated process. Batch print their documents, place them in a windowed envelope and deliver the document to the displayed address.  Plus there is never a need to worry if the correct door hanger was selected and delivered and more clearly defines the contractor relationship because you are not providing supplies.

CompliDox is competitively priced to printing and shipping door hangers.