At a Glance

CompliDox vs Door Hangers

  CompliDox Door Hangers
Lead Time — Design Printing Shipping INSTANT WEEKS
Printing Costs $0.00 EXPENSIVE
Shipping Costs $0.00 EXPENSIVE
Logistics if Multiple Docs SIMPLE COMPLEX
Deliver Compliant Info YES NO

CompliDox Advantages

3-in-1 Mortgagee Solution

  • Compliance
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Property Preservation

Professional Representation

  • Your Branding
  • Data Driven
  • No Handwriting

Enhanced Audit Capabilities

  • 100% Traceable Proof Of Service (POS)
  • Centralized Communication Management
  • Pro-Active Loss Mitigation

You're in Control

  • Real Time Updates
  • Dynamic Customization
  • Simplified Logistics

Highest ROI

  • Low Cost/High Value
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Seamless Deployment

CompliDox Proof of Service Maps

All Proof of Service Photos (POS) are pinned to Google Maps using the photo EXIF meta data. This provides 3 additional "Views" for audit examination. The markers show where each photo was taken.

Street View

Street View

Satellite View

Satellite View

Map View

Map View